Treat Your Little Princess To A Royal Birthday Party

Your little girl’s birthday is coming up and no doubt you’ll want to plan a spectacular party for her. Why not plan a princess party? At Moon Jump Inc., we will help you plan a splendid party for your little princess.

First, let’s choose the colors. Pinks, purples, yellows and blues are the more most popular princess colors. Adding balloons, streamers, banners, stars and bows in sparkling pastels will set the tone for the perfect princess palace.

Next, set up a rack of gowns for the royal guests to choose from when they arrive. Once all of the friends have arrived, you can start the party by inviting them to make their own crown. With gems, glitter, stickers, flowers, ribbon and markers, the girls can create their own beautiful and unique royal head-wear. Other craft ideas that the girls will enjoy making include royal picture frames or mirrors, princess wands, glass slippers and royal necklaces.

disneyprincessmainmedWhen they are finished with their royal crafts, the young ladies can have fun playing in a princess themed bounce house until the food is served. At Moon Jump Inc., we have several princess designed inflatables to choose from. Our Disney Princess Combo looks like a beautiful palace. Bella, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are ready to invite the royal guests into this regal unit to jump, climb, shoot hoops and slide their way through the inflatable castle.

Our Princess Combo is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This soft pink and grey inflatable allows young ones to bounce and slide while the parents can watch through the mesh windows on the sides of the castle shaped structure.

Our Deluxe Princess Combo is a beautiful, brightly colored inflatable that invites the participants to climb, slide, jump and shoot hoops throughout one festive play house.

We also have our economical Princess and Princess 2 character jumps as well as our Pink Castle and Doll House bounce houses. These beautiful bouncers are perfect for any princess party. We will help you select the best unit for your party size, age range and venue. All of our units are made with only the finest, government approved materials and are guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your royal crowd.

When it’s time to feed the hungry young ladies, only the best royal feast will do. Finger sandwiches and wraps, magic wand fruit kabobs with heart, star and gem shaped watermelon or cantaloupe toppers, vegetables and dip, layered fruit jello and crown shaped cheese chunks are just a few of the delicious foods that you can serve to your hungry young ladies in waiting. Sparkling ginger ale or pink lemonade are the perfect drinks to offer your thirsty crowd. Finish off the meal with a castle shaped birthday cake that is decorated with your daughter’s favorite princesses standing on the cake as toppers.

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